Summer Date Night Look

Back with another look! This one is pretty simple and self-explanatory…but I really like it! This is something I would wear for a night out in the summer, having drinks, dancing, maybe for a date! If you wanna look a little fancy, a little sexy, but just don’t want to do “too much”, something like this is perfect because adding denim always helps tone down a look!

This is a statement top with lots of details (even though it’s plain white). The ruffles, lace-up, deep V, flared sleeves…it’s eye-catching! I paired it with a very simple denim skirt and some nude heels to keep the look from being too overdone. I really wanted this top to have it’s own moment, so I just added some delicate jewelry that accentuated the neckline.

Here’s a little tip: make sure you tape down this top (or any deep V top) with some fashion tape to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions! It takes 2 seconds to do, and you’ll thank me later! We don’t need any Janet Jackson Super Bowl moments!

What do you guys think of this simple look? Comment below!


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  1. Love the way the skirt fits. Any denim skirt I try on does that stupid sticky out thing at the back, I’ve been on the hunt for a fitted one for so long :'(
    This outfit looks amazing on you<3

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