Am I Mixed? My Ancestry DNA Results


If you watched my Youtube Video you already know that my Ancestry DNA shows  African, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Native American.  55% of my DNA is from Africa–mostly from the Ivory Coast and Cameroon (which is not surprising, because that’s where a lot of the slave trade originated), but also includes Mali, Senegal and Nigeria.  42% of my DNA is from Europe–mainly from Great Britain, but also includes Spain, Eastern Europe, France, Scandinavia and Ireland.  Of my remaining DNA, one percent is Native American, one percent is from Asia (India), and one percent is from the Middle East.  Because both of my parents have had their DNA done, I know that the majority of my DNA from Great Britain probably comes from my father, as does the Native American, and the DNA from France and Spain comes from my mother. By the way, the photo above is not me–but my grandmother on my father’s side–we looked identical as babies.

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Satin Bomber Look

OMG, y’all, my first official fashion post on my new blog! So many years of being in the online world, and I’m finally doing this! I’m excited for a few reasons. One, because I’m gonna be sharing a lot more looks now. Two, I get to pretend to be a model every now and then (which is my secret dream job, although I’m honestly not very good at it). And three,

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My Baby Shower

Friends and family gathered at my mom’s house to shower me and Baby Ziya with love! The decor featured pink, gold, and white decor–including a tassel banner, tissue poufs, a clothesline “baby wishes” frame, a clothesline with real newborn clothes, and a dessert table with candy, cupcakes, cake balls and cookies.

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