Meet Raven Elyse

Hi, I’m Raven Elyse. I’m a 23-year-old Texas native, currently living in Austin, Texas.  I love fashion, beauty, travel, home decor and being a mommy to my precious daughter, Ziya.

My love for fashion began when I was just a kid.  I insisted on picking out my own clothes when I was a just a toddler, and started altering and adding embellishments to clothes that my mom had bought for me as a pre-teen.  In high school I started shopping at thrift stores and remaking shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. to reflect a style that was all my own. My friends would always ask me about my clothes, and eventually, I started filming my DIY projects and posting them on Youtube. I never thought Youtube would lead to a business of my own–it was just somewhere my sister and I would post silly videos. Over the years, my subscribers grew, and I started adding makeup and hair tutorials.

By the time I graduated from The University of North Texas with a degree in Fashion Design in 2015, I was a full-time social media influencer and I realized that creating content online is a great way of inspiring others to live creatively!