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How many of you guys are familiar with a website called Tumblr? Back in the day, that was my holy place. From the ages of maybe 15-19 years old, I lived on Tumblr. It was a place where I could post whatever I wanted, whether it was fashion related, a poem I just wrote, or long letters to myself. It was the best place to vent because not very many of my “real life friends” used the site or followed me on it. It was pretty much all strangers interacting with me. Other depressed kids, or kids with cool style who lived in New York. I loved having these people follow me, reply to me, and give me advice. It was like an escape from reality. It opened up a door to different cultures, art, music, ways of thinking…stuff I couldn’t get from my mostly white suburb in Texas. Most of the time, it didn’t feel like the people around me locally could relate to anything I was struggling with. I was embarrassed to talk them anyway. It was much easier to type out my feelings and get feedback from thousands of miles away. Spoiler alert: Tumblr isn’t the same anymore and I haven’t used the site in years. But because of that, I also feel like I haven’t gotten the opportunity to “type out my feelings” much lately.

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It’s all about RiRi this month! I had the cool opportunity to work with PUMA on their FENTYxPUMA campaign for the new Cleated Creepers. Rihanna’s clothing and shoe line with PUMA caught my eye right when it launched, I had to have those furry slides! I now own two pairs of those (black and mint) and thanks to PUMA, I’ve added 2 more pairs of FENTY shoes to my collection! They sent over both colors of the Cleated Creepers and I’m in love!

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Sunny Yellow & Rose Gold Look

I’ve been wanting to try some more unique color combinations with my looks. I don’t think I’ve seen myself in bright yellow like this before, but it actually compliments my tanned skin tone pretty nicely! (And if you have a darker skin tone, it would look even better!) I paired this bold top with a metallic rose gold skirt, which I honestly wish was a makeup product because it would be a super lit highlighter shade!

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Summer Date Night Look

Back with another look! This one is pretty simple and self-explanatory…but I really like it! This is something I would wear for a night out in the summer, having drinks, dancing, maybe for a date! If you wanna look a little fancy, a little sexy, but just don’t want to do “too much”, something like this is perfect because adding denim always helps tone down a look!

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Blue Ruffle Gingham Pants!

Hey guys! I’m back! I know I’ve been really slacking when it comes to blog posts. I even promised some fashion posts in one of my last youtube videos… and totally forgot to actually post them..heh heh. But here is one of those looks! Better late than never, right? To be honest I was a little hesitant to still share this look because it’s pretty different for me. I tried to step out of my comfort zone with these pants, and then just went crazy with the entire theme of the outfit from there!

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